About Mediation Programs in Georgia

In 2017-2018, the standards of authorization and accreditation of educational institutions in Georgia have been renewed, which came into compliance with the European Higher Education Area quality assurance standards and guidelines. Today educational institutions operate on the basis of these standards. Ilia State University was authorized in accordance to the new standards in 2018. In 2020-2021 the educational programs will get accreditation. Within the framework of the project, the project implementation team is developing a draft of mediation module, which will be integrated into Private (Business) Law Master’s Program. The module courses are being developed in accordance with European credits ECTS.  Each course includes learning outcomes that are consistent with the program’s learning outcomes, requirements of the Georgia's National Qualifications Framework as well as the European Qualifications Framework. In line with the changes introduced to the Georgia’s National Qualification Framework in 2019, the six-level learning outcomes system has been changed and 3 competences have been determined: knowledge and understanding, skills and responsibility/autonomy. The educational program and, therefore the mediation module, are being developed in accordance to the above system. When developing a mediation module, particular attention is paid to learning outcomes that must be measurable and achievable. Due to the specific objectives of internationalization of modern higher education, the mediation module will include one course in English language as well as teaching materials in English. The knowledge of English language will be a prerequisite for admission to the program which will strengthen the internationalization component. In support for student mobility, the Private (Business) Law Master’s Program which incorporates the mediation module, also envisages free credits that will allow students participating in international exchange programs to have the credits received from host universities to be recognized for the purposes of our program.


The mediation module (draft version), which is being developed at Ilia State University as part of Private (Business) Law Master’s program, includes several courses:


  1. Mediation of Labour Disputes -  6 ECTS

  2. Legal Aspects of Mediation -  6 ECTS

  3. Mediation in commercial disputes-  6 ECTS

  4. Alternative mechanisms of dispute resolution -  6 ECTS 

  5. Commercial arbitration- 6 ECTS

  6. Online mediation-  6 ECTS

  7. Communication and the art of negotiation-  6 ECTS

  8. Human psychology, conflict resolution-  6 ECTS

  9. Essence and review of mediation - 6 ECTS

  10. Practical course in mediation - 12 ECTS


In the face of the challenge of COVID - 19 pandemic, in order not to delay the creation of the mediation module and its timely launch, the working group of Ilia State University School of Law continued to work on the mediation module online through the program Zoom. The working group members are actively involved in the preparation of the concept and structure of the modified master's degree program in Private (business) law and the mediation module. Also, working on syllabi and program preparation for accreditation continues remotely.




New courses developing for Mediations Programme at BSU:

  1. Mediation Knowledge and Practice – 5 ECTS

  2. Conflict resolution - 5 ECTS

  3. Violence and discriminations - 5 ECTS

  4. Gender Stereotypes and Conflicts -5 ECTS

  5. Art of Negotiation - 5 ECTS

  6. Applied Conflictology - 5 ECTS



Trainings for staff

On June 18th the faculty of Law and Social Sciences of BSU organized the staff training in the frames of the MEDIATS project for the academic staff involved in the Certified Programme in Mediation.

The meeting covered:

- Overview of Certified Programme in Mediation - Ketevan Beridze;

- Overview of the MEDIATS project, the project results and the future plans - Ketevan Devadze;

- Introduction in Mediation, sharing the experience of the training programmes in Riga and Murcia in the frames of MEDIATS Project-Levan Jakeli;

- Discussion.


The link of the staff meeting at BSU, in Georgian   https://www.bsu.edu.ge/sub-60/page/13949/index.html